PIR Expo Seminars

At the PIR Expo Exhibition on October 5, 2015 Aneta Korobkina conducted several seminars, where she discussed the importance of new employee adaptation and orientation in the hotel and restaurant business. The audience of the seminar called ‘Practical tools that improve employees productivity’ included General Managers and heads of departments of Russian hotels. Aneta pointed out some basic situations when company management might kill productivity of their employees (e.g. absence of strict rules, daily goals and tasks, ignoring employees and their requests, doing tasks without resources). Before managers obligate their employees to become productive, it is necessary to provide them with all necessary resources and comfort in the workplace.

General Managers and managers of restaurant networks in Russia attended the seminar called ‘Building an internal training system in the restaurant’. A training system is a key aspect of organizational effectiveness. Introduction of a training system requires time, but as soon as the system works, its advantages become obvious. Therefore, staff should not be afraid of the evaluation of their learning efficiency. Employees should understand that it has to be done for their own good. It is also necessary to provide feedback after every training event: what was good, what was wrong, what might be done better.