Personnel Development

Corporate trainings and development programs

We offer a number of topics, which we cover. Based on your needs as well as the pre-training assessment, we will prepare a unique training program for your team development. We offer individually customized development programs, specially designed departmental trainings as well as general hospitality trainings in which every employee can participate.

Our trainings are based on the following principles

Tell me – I will forget

Show me – I will remember

Involve me – I will understand

For the best results, the training plan goes through six steps:

  • Step 1. Needs assessment
  • Step 2. Training development plan and approval
  • Step 3. Training sessions
  • Step 4. Post training evaluation
  • Step 5. Follow up
  • Step 6: Building relationships
    Our steps do not finish here…The steps of the continuous support are uncountable!
Hospitality Development Programs

• Leadership development program

• Service staff development program

• Maximizing sales team potential

• Communication and team development with BELBIN®TEAM ROLES

General Hospitality Trainings

• The art and philosophy of hospitality

• Skills for effective hospitality management

• Exceptional guest service and communication

• Increasing personal and team productivity

• Operational coaches training – “Train the trainer”

Departmental Trainings

• Front office

• Food and beverage

• Sales and Reservations

• Housekeeping

• Wellness and SPA