We are part of hospitality world, which is all about caring, supporting and always being available. Through our partnership with Dima’s Dream Fund we want to give an example to the hospitality world that it does not take much to make a good thing for somebody who is in need.


HSE one of the highly recognized schools in Moscow and Russia became our partner in the Hospitality Master Program. Our managing director Aneta Korobkina is teaching Introduction to hospitality management at the Master’s program “Experience Economy: Hospitality and Tourism Management” and few students will pass internship in our company. They will learn the different aspects of hospitality consulting and will be supported for the Master’s thesis by our company.


Online test designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Evaluate both applicants and employees of your company, we use the latest technology combined with a clear strategy to achieve results. SEC Hospitality uses the results to customize the developing program and give individual recommendation for further improvement.


SEC Hospitality is accredited by Belbin Team Roles, United Kingdom. This tool allows us to make team diagnostics. Understand the individuals and their role. Based on this information we design customized team building programs, which will help improve team productivity and effectiveness.

Recruitment Agency HURMA

Recruitment agency HURMA Recruitment works in HoReCa industry, which allows us to maximize the quality of candidates we offer. There are not so many excellent employees on the market and many of them are already working. We guarantee to find your employee, wherever he/she may be. With us are already working famous restaurateurs such as Arkady Novikov, Alexei Gisak,Stanislav Lisnichenko and many others. We have our own base of 27 000 active resumes – 27,000, all of them have undergone our attestation and interviews. We are active on all social media platforms.


Consulting company. Main activities: Classification of hotels and other accommodation facilities; Audit of HR administration, developing local regulations for the hospitality industry; Development of system of quality standards for hotels compliance interstate standard GOST ISO 9001: 2011

first-clubThe First Club for Hospitality Professionals

The First Club for Hospitality Professionals is the first professional community of housekeepers in Russia! The purpose of the Club is to help the professionals of housekeeping to do their job with comfort. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and establish contacts with colleagues and representatives of supply companies. There are more than 500 Heads of Room Division, Housekeeping Departments and Fitness Clubs who are the members of our community. There are many young professionals among them, as well as housekeepers with huge experience.