Our Clients

Maria Dvorman
Area HR Director Eastern Europe (Russia, Turkey, China, CIS, Baltics, Georgia)

Aneta is one of certified external trainers by Rezidor Hotel Group since summer 2014 and we continue working together for one of our HR projects. Through last 6 months time Anna demonstrated high level of HR expertise, professionalism in hospitality and orientation on quality result. It is a great pleasure to work together with Aneta also because of her bright personality, engagment, positive approach and responsibility. I'm delighted to recomend Aneta to projects in HR, and specially people development field.

Anna Kovalerskaya
General Manager, Mistral Hotel and Spa

I started doing business with Aneta in the end of 2013 when we signed contract with her company for professional hospitality training for M'Istral hotel and spa. Since then she has been delivering outstanding results, conducting trainings both for management and line staff. I can recommend Aneta as a very strong and experienced professional taking personal ownership of every project she works with. She is always full of energy, and positivity complimented by a strong "I can" attitude. She has managed to build excellent rapport with the team, after each training she provides us with the valuable feedback that helps us to see problems and work on them. Through her trainings I can see that morale in the team is starting to improve, changing the mind set is a slow process but she is putting the hotel on the right track. Above all I want to express my personal gratitude to Aneta for going the extra mile with my hotel, for consulting on crucial key issues and helping to find the best solutions. Working with her is like having your own full time training manager concentrated only on your needs but with the expertise of an experienced independent training company

Siddharth Varma
Front Office Manager, The Claridges Surajkund Hotel, Delhi NCR, India

“I took upon this opportunity to request Aneta to do an operational audit for us as, at The Claridges Surajkund, we place a lot of emphasis on constantly auditing our services. We do internal audits via our training department and also invite fellow hoteliers / well travelled guests to help us in exceeding our service standards. It was a pleasure to read Aneta’s report as she had covered each and every area of the hotel in detail, overseeing both the hardware and software involved. The remarks were made point wise accompanied by photographs which made it simple and clear to understand. They were also categorized in positive and negative which was helpful. It was overall a great assistance for us in knowing our shortcomings and then addressing them accordingly. I would be more than delighted to recommend her for any such future assignments.”

Netizen Hostels,Moscow, Russia
Netizen Hostels Team

“Just before the opening of our hotel-hostel Aneta has conducted amazing trainings for service excellence and helped to create a friendly collective! Our future managers and maids had found all the answers to all the questions they had. Even the chief accountant has joined us! We have felt ourselves as a real team and confidently opened our fist hotel-hostel. Today we often come to advice and recommends Aneta gave us, which helps us very much in our daily work!"

Robert Herbst
General Manager KFP Russia at KFP Five Star Conference Service

Working with Aneta is one sole and great pleasure! Her vast experience in the industry, her deep and fundamental knowledge of services, sales and management... but not to forget her winning smile, her passion for success and her positivity make her a most valuable business partner, coach and trainer in many fields, aspects and regards! I truly recommend Aneta for any project concerning personnel development and creating outstanding service attitude at your organization!

Alexey Egorov
Deputy General Director of Quality - Best Western Vega Hotel & Convention Center

Aneta is a rare professional, in my opinion the best coach in hospitality industry. I believe that the effectiveness of her trainings is a result of her great knowledge of the subject, orientation on result as well as her enthusiasm and affectionateness.

Dina Mucunska
General Manager at Hotel RUSSIA, Skopje, Macedonia

I contacted Aneta through recommendation for the purposes of preparing our employees for the hotel opening. Aneta is a great listener, has an enormous knowledge of the hospitality industry and she doesn’t just create excellent trainings, but delivers them at the highest professional level, full of emotions making sure they reflect the values of your company. Our employees’ feedback for her trainings was excellent; they received great knowledge, clear understanding of where we want to be in this market and how we can achieve that. Aneta was able to respond to our short term request, as well as be very flexible with our working schedule, which was even more erratic due to the preopening process. Also, she shared her knowledge and gave me feedback on points of improvement for future references. I highly recommend Aneta as hospitality professional as she is truly knowledgeable, informed, and ready to assist, as well as take the extra step just to make sure that you have achieved you goals.

It is so great that there is a company like SEC Hospitality and a trainer like Aneta! For the first time I met Aneta at a Hotel summit in the framework of the MITT Exhibition. I was surprised by her detailed knowledge of all the processes taking place in hotels. It’s a big pleasure for me, that she is aware of hotel structure from the inside. It is not an easy job conveying the message to the trainees. Many trainers today just touch the tip of the iceberg, without any details. After a two-day training I didn’t feel tired at all. I am inspired and eager to contribute to the further development of the hotel. Aneta managed to establish a contact with the group of 20 trainees and create a comfortable learning atmosphere. Such trainings are required nowadays, because the future of the hotel depends directly on the professionalism of its employees. It is very pleasant to deal with real hospitality experts. We are waiting for new trainings and further meetings with Aneta! Wish you success and prosperity!

I had a pleasure to work with Aneta on organizing a training for the General Managers and line personnel of our region in September 2016. From the stage of discussion and preparation until execution of the training Aneta has shown a highly professional and positive attitude, flexibility and full understanding of needs of the company. Being a great specialist Aneta is also a wonderful coach: she delivered the information in a fun and interactive way, so that every participant was able to learn something new regardless their experience. I would definitely recommend Aneta to anyone who is looking for a professional and truly talented trainer.

Aneta has been organizing training for our company and it was a pleasure to be a client of hers, while Aneta and her colleagues always reacted promptly, were open to the needs of the clients and impressed all the participants with a professional view at Customer service and training process, positive attitude and charisma.