Ladies in Hospitality HR, 9th Business Breakfast

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On the 12th of February in Marriott Moscow Royal Aurora Hotel the 9th Business Breakfast “Ladies in Hospitality HR” was held. It was dedicated to the theme of employees motivation and engagement. The speakers were Alexey Serkov – Head of Organizational Project Management Department in “Norma HR” and Anna Ayvazyan – Head of Compensation and Benefits Department in the restaurant chain “Tanuki”.

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Alexey Serkov told the participants of the club about standardizing of the staff and shared knowledge about how to create the conditions for a rational division of labor and increase employee productivity. Qualitatively conducted valuation of the personnel optimizes business and encourages staff to improve the efficiency of their work.

Anna Ayvazyan made a presentation about the motivation and engagement of employees, citing the example of personal experience in HR management: how to motivate the employee, how to engage him in his workflow, thus increasing his loyalty to the company as an employer.

Such a theme was very interesting for the participants of the club. They actively participated in the discussions, as well as share their own experience and ways of employees engagement.

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