Ladies in Hospitality HR, 8th Business Breakfast

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The business breakfast “Ladies in Hospitality HR”, organized by Aneta Korobkina, managing director of SEC Hospitality Training & Consulting, took place on the 27th of November in Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow. The event focused on HR branding.

The first speaker, Lidiya Ferapontova, senior consultant of the “Vizavi Consult” («Визави Консалт»), informed the participants of the event about the latest recruitment and labor market trends. She also mentioned the important objectives of human resource managers.

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The second speaker, Anton Koval, representative of the Universum company, the global leader in employer branding, noted, that the most important career goal in Russia is being secure or stable in job. Anton also turned the attention of the participants of the meeting to millennials generation (people born in 1982-2003) and their long term priorities, the main them is “to enjoy my job”. He also presented the model of employer branding, which caught the interest of many attendees, because a clear and defined employer brand can offer significant benefits to the organization such as attracting the best employees, motivated to work.  Increased engagement with the brand will also help build employee’s loyalty reducing the risk of losing your best people to competitors, and therefore avoiding the financial implications of recruiting and on-boarding their replacements.