Hospitality Training Institute

Hospitality Training Institute (HTI) is a hospitality online education platform which specialises in providing individual courses to hospitality professionals and anyone interested in the hospitality industry. HTI is based on creating courses alongside the industry’s top experts, who each participate in creating and administering the courses.


Salute to Excellence! Why HTI?


  •  Individual learning pace.
  •  Highly engaging courses prepared by hospitality industry working professionals.
  •  Live communication and encouragement by the course moderator.
  •  Courses are supported by activities, video and audio, quizzes, group discussions, assessments for self-  development, research and a final exam.
  •  Knowledge is powerful only when knowledge is put into action.



  • Each course is carefully designed to give you the knowledge you need for success in your career.
  • The length of each course is idividual designed allowing you to schedule your pace and track your success.
  • Each module is followed by and assignment to help you test your understanding of the learned materials.
  • The final exam will help you further test your knowledge and prove that you are ready to take on the challenges in the hospitality world.


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